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taste of the world

Learn to taste like a pro

Gustomondo (taste of the world) originated from the idea that the (wine) flavors from all over the world should be accessible to everyone. Taste is a very personal thing. Try the wines of the different Gustomondo boxes to discover your own taste. Use the box while having a drink with friends, as an original gift or as a business gift. It’s time to taste the wines of Gustomondo that you would never have tasted otherwise!

How does it work?

The Gustomondo wine box contains a leaflet with information about the wine(s) and an extensive step-by-step plan that you can complete yourself. This way you can easily learn how to taste wine yourself like a real viticulturist. Do you want the Gustomondo display in your store? Ask about the benefits of the newest wine concept in the Netherlands and send an email to


Lemoncello, Meloncello and Pistacello; Italian refreshment

Jovino Exclusives

KAAS; The perfect wines with every cheese

When you taste the Selección red & white quality wines from KAAS, there is no doubt about it. These wines make a perfect pair with any type of cheese. Whether you like matured hard or soft cheeses: KAAS brings a harmony of taste and experience.


Artisan chips and wine; a tasteful experience!

The combination of artisanal Ibérica Spirit chips with our wines provides a tasteful experience. Whether it's red wine, rosé, white wine or bubbles, Jovino has the perfect chip match from the temperamental Spanish brand Ibérica Spirit.

Jovino Exclusives

Private Labels

Creating unique concepts and wines with private labels; That’s what makes us proud! With a private label you can take the first step in launching your own brand and bring a new and unique product to the market. The advantages of this are that you can respond to the gap in the market, secure your own product and that you can generate brand awareness.

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