About Jovino Import.

Johan Hamerpagt: owner and Register Vinologist

On January first, 2017 I started Jovino Import with the idea of turning my hobby into my job. With a lot of knowledge and experience that I have gained in a number of companies, combined with various (wine) courses, I got to work. 

Every day I am searching for the most beautiful and unique wines from all over Europe. To be able to offer these wines to my business customers with the best price-quality ratio is a challenge that I like to take on. 

In addition to visiting customers throughout the Netherlands, I also enjoy visiting wine fairs and wineries in Europe, constantly tasting and selecting. My focus is not on the large wine companies, but on the smaller winegrowers and cooperatives. Each with their own unique flavors and styles, and often with their own special story.

About Jovino Import

Jovino Import focuses on its own wine import from the traditional wine countries; Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany and Austria. With several wineries and a nice range of wines available only for the best specialty stores throughout the Netherlands. 

We are very passionate about special wine bottles with a striking look, private label and unique concepts. In addition to advising, we are happy to support you with wine tastings and we like to think along with the store design to achieve even better results. 

Our wines are only available for specialist shops with a physical store throughout the Netherlands. We supply a nice range that offers independent entrepreneurs an excellent return and exclusivity. 

Importing and selling wine is a fascinating, but also a time-consuming business. But satisfying regular customers and consumers who enjoy the quality of Jovino Import is the best thing ever to us. CHEERS!